Cairns Dive Centre (CDC) has been teaching divers in Cairns on the Great Barrier Reef since 1983. CDC is recognised as a PADI 5-star Instructor Development Centre, with elearning or traditional in-class methods for learning theory. Some wish to experience dive courses on-board one of our 3 dive boats, or at the only dive resort on the magnificent Fitzroy Island.

This page is designed to answer all your questions related to the PADI courses conducted at CDC.  If you cant find the answer here, please feel free to email us at

  • Q. Does the course include all dive equipment?

    A. Yes.

  • Q. When do your courses start?

    A. Open Water courses commence on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Advanced open water is daily. Rescue Diver is every second Sunday. Dive Master upon request.

  • Q. Do I need to get a physicans clearance to do the course?

    A. Only if you answer yes any to any questions on the medical statement.

  • Q. My friend is certifed, can they dive with me during the course?

    A. Yes. but only after you have completed all the training dives.

  • Q. How deep will we dive during the course?

    A. The maximum depth for an adult open water student is 18 metres and for advanced and above it is 30 metres

  • Q.How many days accomdation are included on the 4 day open water course on Kanagroo Explorer?

    A. The first two days for all open water courses are in Cairns for classroom and pool sessions. The 4 day course includes 1 night on the Kanagroo Explorer, the 5 day courses includes 2 nights.

  • Q.I want my kids to learn to dive, what are the rules for under 18 year olds.

    A. For an overnight trip any under 18 year old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. For a Day trip anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an parent or guardian.