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Cairns Dive Center has been operating in the Dive Industry since 1985.  We offer Dive career paths and we especially pride ourselves in running a hands on Dive Master Trainee ship.  The CDC DMT program runs all year round with intakes every few weeks.  The Trainee can enter at all different stages depending on prior diving qualifications, from novice to semiprofessional, CDC can offer many courses to get you started.  The DMT program is 40 days or 20 days "work off" depending on your dive experience and budget.  The terms and conditions are explained every Friday at 11:00am during the Information Session.

Questions and Answers ;

Q - I am not a qualified diver, can I do the trainee ship ?

A - Yes, its all about diving and we love teach everybody, we can teach you from Open Water, Advanced and Rescue. However we do not offer a work off program for Open Water or Advanced, but we can offer you a special price.

Q - Im an Advanced diver but only have a few dives, how many do I need and what do I do ?

A - Easy, see the above volunteer program and get in the extra dives, then we can assess the number of dives and get you started. You need 40 dives at Rescue Level.

Q - Im a Rescue diver but have a Naui or other type of license, can I become a PADI dive master ?

A - Oh well, yes, if its a recognized dive qualification that PADI recognizes we can get you started.

Q - Do I need to have my own equipment ?

A - Yes, of course we expect all divers wanting to become a Professional Dive Master to own their own dive gear.

Q - Do you sell dive gear, and would I receive a discount ?

A - Yes, we do sell all brands and we offer a special discount to our Dive Masters in training.

Q - Do I need a medical ?

A - Great questions, again, yes you will require a professional Australian Dive medical that is current.

Q - Do I need to hold a first aid certificate ?

A - Wow you're asking the right questions, yes a first aid certificate if required and it must be for senior first aid with O2 and be an Australian current certificate. 

Q - Can I come to the shop and ask questions ?

A - Yes, but ONLY on Friday at 11:00am.

Q - What first aid qualifications do I need ?

A - You must achieve the first aid with advanced re-suss - also called Provide First Aid HLTAID003 and Provide Advanced Resuscitation HLTAID007 

If you are interested in applying for a DM Trainee ship please complete application on line - and attend the FREE information session at 11:00am 121 Abbott Street Cairns.







The suitable applicants MUST have ;

1 ) Australian First Aid with advanced Resus
2) Australian Professional Dive Medical
3) Active PADI Dive Status
4) Dive Log with logged dives
5) Staying in Cairns for a minimum of 3 months
6) Resume with recent employers contact in diving industry
7) Working VISA if not an Australian resident
8) Be available to do a 1 day onboard FREE famil / Test
9) Own Dive Gear or the ability to buy ( at discounted price )

The successful candidate will need to complete an on-board famil with swim, rescue and ship board test. Have excellent high energy customer skills, retail and upgrade selling skills and always be well presented. Please carefully consider the above points. 

Applications only accepted via our website - CREW SECTION - NEW CREW APPLICATION FORM - click the links. We are the busiest dive shop in North Queensland, 

Volunteer - Live Aboard vessel 8 days

Cairns Dive Centre do conduct a volunteer program for persons wanting to experience 8 DAYS onboard our outer reef boat -MV Kangaroo Explorer. 

A volunteer MUST ;

Be available for the 8 days 

A volunteer contract will be offered for your consideration including a security deposit. 

This is a NON paying ( VOLUNTEER ) position

The vessel is at Sea and if you suffer from motion sickness we advise this program isnt for you, and in the event you did cut the program short you will loose the deposit. 

We don't accept non divers, its a more enjoyable experience if you are a diver. 

as of 9th Aug - next availability is 13th Oct 2017