Cairns Dive Centre has 19 Mooring sites. CDC will take you to our office "The Great Barrier Reef" 
Each sites is different with its own unique features, plenty of marine life including both hard and soft corals, fish of all types from the tiniest to the largest, the brightly coloured or the black Manta Rays. The Great Barrier Reef is the home to many fish species that either stays close to their unique homes or they stray amongst the entire reef system cruising up and down the coast. Snorkeling or diving the reef requires the traveler to keep their eyes wide open.  

The Sunkist day boat will visit a single dive site and the sites are selected on the day.  Sunkist will meet up with the Kangaroo Explorer at the outer reef.

The Reefkist Island Diver day boat will visit two dive sites, mainly Moore Reef and the Sudbury Cay.

The Kangaroo Explorer overnight live onboard will visit multiple sites including Thetford Reef, Milln Reef, Moore Reef, Sudbury Reef, Elford Reef, Channel Reef and Briggs Reef.