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Sunkist carries only 20 day trip divers to the Great Barrier Reef

The Sunkist departs daily to the outer Great Barrier Reef. A single hull vessel with open rear deck, the Sunkist will take you via the beautiful Fitzroy Island to our liveaboard boat, the MV Kangaroo Explorer. There we will remain alongside Kangaroo Explorer all day, which will be located as far south as Sudbury Cay, Sudbury Reef, Elford Reef, Channel Reef, Moore Reef, Thetford Reef or Milne Reef. It ventures up and down the CDC Reef sites daily, finding the most comfortable and best reef site for us to meet and spend the day

With 19 pristine reef systems, we optimize your day's experience by considering the ocean's best conditions and taking you to the reefs that will offer the highest visibility. Being on the reef 24/7, our knowledgeable crew are the best in Cairns in ensuring that you can see the best of what the Great Barrier Reef has to offer. You can enjoy lunch on the sea with a cold buffet selection of meats, salads and tropical fruits provided.

The $120 snorkeler day trip is a great option for experiencing the beauty of the reef, with all of the latest gear supplied and lunch provided. But for the full reef experience, we have tours available for either the first time diver wanting to experience a small taste of diving, or the adventurous certified diver. At $170 for 1 dive - it's your best choice for a quality and price-conscious Great Barrier Reef Trip!

Meet the locals on the Great Barrier Reef - Hawks Beak Sea Turtle

Meet the locals on the Great Barrier Reef - Hawks Beak Sea Turtle

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Would you like a second DIVE? Pay on board - $40 per person per dive.

Guided Dives are available. $15 per person, per guide